How to get to the airport

How do I have to program my navigation system to get to the airport?
„Düsseldorf“ as the destination and „Flughafen“ (= airport) under (special) point of interest. Düsseldorf Airport has its own exit from the motorway. The in-ternal airport’s guiding system will direct you to the desired (multistory) car park.

How do I find my way to the desired (multistory) car park?
We have detailed directions for you how to get there: Select the menu item „Anfahrtsbeschreibungen“ (= directions how to get there) under Bereich Parken. You may also have an overview over all car parks displayed to you on the site map under menu item „Parkplätze“ ( = car parks). Click on the desired car park and you will be shown how to get there. Addi-tionally, you may also download and print out your route to the car park under the menu item „Anfahrts-weg ausdrucken“ (= print out the route) as PDF-file.

Where shall I park, when I just want to pick up some-one from the airport?
Only buses and taxis are allowed to directly approach the arrival area. Drivers collecting someone are there-fore asked to use one of the multistory car parks in the terminal zone (= orange).

Do I need a ticket for the ride in the SkyTrain?
Yes, you do, the SkyTrain is part of the public transport system, where tickets of the VRR (Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr) and some of the Ger-man Railways (DB) can be used. Ticket machines are at all VRR stops.

Does the SkyTrain operate during night as well?
Yes, it does, with a short interruption for operating purposes. You may then use the shuttle buses that operate between the airport station, the multistory car parks 4, 5 & 6 as well as the terminal.

How long does it take to get from the Düsseldorf city center (main railway station) to the airport by S-Bahn (city train) or by car/taxi?
The city train takes twelve minutes, a car about 15 min.

How much is a ride from the airport to the city center of Düsseldorf by taxi or by city train (S-Bahn)?
A taxi costs approx. 20 Euro, a single city train ticket costs € 2.30.

Drone Flying

What do you need to be aware of? What’s not allowed?

Drones keep getting more popular – but not everyone is a seasoned drone pilot. Therefore, you should know the rules well, especially how to operate your drone when you are in close proximity to the airport. You’ll find the most important information you need for safe drone flight on the website of the German Air Traffic Control.

Duty Free Shopping

Anyone with a valid boarding pass can shop. It does not matter whether you are traveling within the UK, EU or worldwide.
Should you pass after your landing in Dusseldorf at a duty free shop, you can then continue shopping with us. 

Important: Keep for this purpose your ticket on and show it when purchasing at the till.

What products can be purchased at the DÜSSELDORFDUTYFREE?
Enjoy your shopping experience at the DÜSSELDORFDUTYFREE. Beauty products from leading manufacturers of cosmetics, the latest collections of renowned fashion brands and a multifaceted range of wines and whiskeys. Local specialties such as Killepitsch or international confectionery are just some of the products that are offered at DÜSSELDORFDUTYFREE.

Can I return or exchange my purchase? 
With us you can safely shop. If you are not satisfied with an item, you can return or exchange within 60 days of purchase. Please keep your sales receipt and speak with our Customer Service:

Phone: + 49 (0)211 421-77472 

I fly in one day from Dusseldorf to Hamburg and back. Can I shop at departing in Dusseldorf and carry on the return journey the products in hand luggage?
No problem - even with liquids, such as perfume. Ask our staff at the checkout for a so-called "Sealed Bag", a transparent plastic bag, in which your article will be packed. 
Important: This must remain closed during your entire trip and just should be opened after you return to Dusseldorf. 
In hand luggage just limited amounts of liquids may be taken. What about products that will be purchased at departure at DÜSSELDORFDUTYFREE?
All the products, which you will shop in the security area at the airport, can be carried in hand luggage. To note here are only the free quantities in the respective destination. Our staff like to inform you about the conditions of the free quantities, that are valid at your destination . If you would like to inquire before departure, you find all the information on the Webseite of the customs.


How do I find the correct check-in counter?
Either you inform yourself on our Website under Abflug (= Departure). You will find there the correct check-in counter for your flight with detailed infor-mation about your flight number. Or you check one of our numerous flight information monitors in the terminal.

Can I check in the night before?
Many airlines offer the so-called late-night check-in. Depending on your airline, late night check-in may be subject to charges. Check under Late-Night-Check-in, when und where you can hand in your luggage at which airline the night before.

Can I deposit my luggage somewhere?
Our luggage check-room will accept any kind of lug-gage, be it a winter coat, a bicycle or surf board. You will find the luggage check-room on the ground floor of multistory car park 3. Opening hours: 5:00 AM - 11:00 PM (daily), phone number: +49 (0)211 421-2515

Can I stay at the airport over night, when I have a very early morning flight?
Yes, you can stay all night at the airport’s terminal. McDonald’s in the arrival area and the b2b-Café in the departure area are open 24 hours.

Can I book flights and trips directly at the airport and with you?
Yes, of course. You can book your flight directly under Reisen online buchen (= Booking flights). And there are more than 60 travel offices at the airport that are open 365 days a year.


How do I reserve a parking space?

Enter the desired parking period. We will check whether a parking space is available.

Two more important pieces of information:
Please make sure that your booking request begins at the earliest the next day and that your booking time period is at least 4 hours. For your reservation a reservation fee of EUR 3.00 will be charged. This guarantees you of a parking spot - even if it says "OCCUPIED" at the entrance of the parking - and it also offers the possibility to change the reservation (once) for free.
And please also note that you may reserve a parking space only 12 months in advance.

Why this reservation fee?

To provide you with the service that up to 4 hours before and 4 hours after the time specified by you, we keep the parking available and ensure you of your parking spot. Also, if you want to make any changes in the reservation (once) we offer this possibility. Finally, with the reservation fee you can enter the garage or the parking, even if the screen at the entrance says “OCCUPIED”.

What happens to the reservation fee if I do not make the trip?

The reservation fee is charged when you book. In the case you do not make the trip or can not realize the booking, the reservation fee can not be refunded.

What happens to my data?

Your data will only be used to process your reservation request and the subsequent parking procedure.

Do I have to reserve a specific spot?

No. You reserve an arbitrary parking space in the parking garage or car park of your choice. We guarantee that the parking garage or car park has a free parking space reserved for you.

Will I receive confirmation of my reservation?

Yes. Your confirmation will be e-mailed to you.

I did not receive confirmation. What's going on?

Please check your spam folder. Sometimes our e-mails end up there. If it's not there, then please send us a short e-mail to info(at) Our Help Desk staff will be happy to help.

Is my car in good hands?

Yes. Our car park is monitored by closed-circuit video and is staffed.

My car will not start after it has been parked for a long time. Are you able to assist me?

Please report your case to our park service centre. Our colleagues there will be happy to help get your car started.

Are children seats available in the shuttle transfer for my kids to safely get to the airport?

Since the transfer is by minibus, our transfer service is subject to Germany's Passenger Transportation Act (as is public transport). The car park operator is not required to carry child seats. However, in order to offer you the best possible service, we have equipped our shuttle buses with child safety seats. Please note that these are universal child seats.

How much luggage can I bring along? And what about oversize luggage?

Please let us know if you are travelling with oversize luggage or a lot of luggage. We will, of course, assist you during handling.

Parking – Online car park reservation

What are the benefits of an early reservation?

  • A parking space will be reserved for you in any case in the (multistory) car park of your choice. 
  • You need not search for a suitable car park once you have arrived at the airport.
  • You need no parking ticket which you would have to keep with you during your trip. 
  • You can skip the pay station and need not worry about small change. 
  • Parking with a reservation is more comforta-ble, saves time and helps avoiding stress. 
  • Another advantage are our attractive discount campaigns. If available at the time your journey just click here: Nähere Informationen zu unseren Rabattaktionen (= more datails about our discount campaigsn).

May I cancel the parking space or change my reserva-tion?
You can change your car park reservation free of charge once, but not cancel it. When changing your reservation, please observe the following:

  • You can change your reservation up to 24 hours before the time originally booked. 
  • When you change your reservation make sure that the new time for entering the car park is not later than one year after the time originally booked.
  • You can also change into another charge zone, provided the newly chosen parking of-fer belongs to the same mode of payment („Vorkasse“ (= prepayment) or „Zahlung bei Ausfahrt“ (= payment on leaving the car park)) as the parking offer originally booked.
  • Please note that rebooking is possible only with the same vendor
  • When changing a reservation, you may also choose a shorter or longer parking period than the one originally planned.
  • When changing a reservation into another charge zone or changing the parking period, additional parking fees may become due. A cost-free changing is possibly only within the same tariff zone.
  • Should additional parking fees become due, where „Vorkasse“ has been chosen as mode of payment, the relevant price difference will be charged to your credit card or EC card (= debit card), when the reservation is changed. 
  • When you have chosen „Zahlung bei Aus-fahrt“ as mode of payment, you pay your parking fees by credit card or by EC card di-rectly at the check-out. The parking fees will be charged in accordance with the actual length of your stay and calculated in accord-ance with the fee table displayed in the car park concerned.
  • Please note that parking fees cannot be re-funded. 

Do I reserve a particular parking space?
No, you don’t. You merely reserve a parking space in the (multistory) car park you have selected. We guar-antee that the (multistory) car park you have chosen will keep a parking space free for you. Just let our internal guiding system direct you to the nearest free parking space in the car park you have chosen.

Do I get an invoice about my reservation?
Yes, you do. When making a reservation with „Zahlung bei Ausfahrt“ chosen as payment mode, an invoice about the reservation fee in PDF format will be attached to your e-mail confirming the reservation, provided the reservation is liable to a charge. You will get a receipt for the parking fees paid when leaving the car park.
When making a reservation with „Vorkasse“ as the mode of payment, an invoice about the reservation fees, and the reservation charges, if any, in PDF for-mat will be attached to your e-mail confirming the reservation.

What will happen, if I have forgotten my password?
In such case, you can have your password sent to your e-mail address stored in the system via the function „Passwort vergessen?“ (= password forgotten?). We recommend changing the password thereafter.

What will happen, if my credit card or EC card is no longer valid at the time of traveling?
As a matter of principle, you need the credit card or the EC card used for the reservation, when you check into the car park you have reserved or leave it again. You should therefore make sure when making the reservation that your credit card or EC card is still valid when you leave the car park again. Should the validity of your credit card or EC card have expired or other problems occur during the check-in or check-out, please get in touch with the service center of the car park by pressing the help button at the check-in or check-out.

What is to be observed, when I wish to reserve several parking spaces for the same period of time?
You can always make one reservation only for a certain period of time with your credit card or with your EC card and with your e-mail account. If you wish to reserve several parking spaces for a certain period of time (say, when your family arrives with several cars), you will have to use another credit card or EC card as well as another e-mail account. You cannot reserve several parking spaces for the same period via the same customer account.

Parking – Entry with a reservation for the car park

How does it work, when I pull into the car park I re-served?
Put in the credit card or EC card you selected for the reservation into the card slot at the check-in. Provided you pull in during the reserved period of time, the check-in system will recognize your card and open the barrier. You can now access the car park. Do not draw a parking ticket and don’t forget to remove your credit card or EC card from the machine.

What is to be done, when the car park display shows „full“?
As long as you have reserved a parking space, you can enter the (multistory) car park with the credit card or EC card you selected for the reservation. Your parking space in the car park is guaranteed to you, even if the display indicates „full“.
For reservations in the premium area of multistory car park P3 please use the separate check-in at the depar-ture level.

Do I have to draw a parking ticket when pulling into the car park?
No, you don’t. You only need the credit card or EC card you selected for your reservation. The card you selected is once again stated in the e-mail confirming your reservation.

What will happen, if I am trying to enter the car park before the agreed arrival time?
You have a maximum grace period of 1 hour in the TERMINAL area, which allows you pulling into the reserved car park before the time you actually booked. Access to the LANGZEIT (= long term) and LANGZEIT-SPAR areas is possible a maximum of 4 hours before and 4 hours after the time you booked.
Please make sure you enter the car park only with the credit card or EC card you selected for the reservation. If you draw a ticket when pulling into the car park, you cannot exit the car park with your credit card or EC card.

What will happen in the event of a delay and I cannot keep the arrival time I booked?
You can access a reserved car park in the TERMINAL area up to one hour before and after the arrival time you booked. In the event of a delay of more than 1 hour the car park reservation is forfeited. The car parks in the LANGZEIT and LANGZEIT-SPAR areas can be accessed a maximum of 4 hours before and 4 hours after the booking time, even if the car park display signals „full“.

What will happen, if I draw a parking ticket at the check-in?
You must access the car park under any circumstances by using the credit card or EC card you selected for your reservation. Otherwise, you cannot leave the car park with this credit card or EC card. Please drive directly to the check-out and be prepared that there will be a parking fee due in such cases, which you can pay directly at the check-out.

What shall I do, when there are problems at the barrier of the check-out?
There is a help button at each check-out which will connect you with our car park service center. The staff there work 24 hours a day and 7 days week; you can tell them the problem you have.

Can I access and leave the car park more than once during the time I booked?
No, you can’t. You are only entitled to enter and leave the car park once.

Can I access a multistory car park with a van or with a minibus?
The clearance height in the multistory car parks varies between 1.90 m and 2.10 m. You will find more information about the clearance height here.

Parking – Check-out and payment

How does the check-out work, when I leave the car park I reserved?
When leaving the car park, put the credit card or EC card you selected for the reservation into the card slot at the check-out. The barrier will open and you can exit the car park. Don’t forget to remove your credit card or EC card from the machine.

Do I have to go to the pay station before leaving the car park?
No, just proceed directly to the check-out.

Will there be a problem, if I exceed the reserved park-ing time?
No, there won’t, since the exact parking fees will be established in the case of online car park reservations with the payment mode „Zahlung bei Ausfahrt“ (= payment when leaving), when you exit the car park and be automatically charged to your credit card or EC card – irrespective of, how long you actually park. In the case of online car park reservations in the TERMINAL zone that are liable to a charge, a reser-vation fee of 6 Euro (8 Euro in the premium area of multistory car park P3) will be charged to your credit card or EC card directly after the reservation has been made. In the case of a pre-paid car park reservation („Vorkasse“), the excess time will be invoiced in accordance with the fee table displayed at the check-out concerned.

From where will I get my receipt, if I pay at the check-out?
You will get a receipt directly at the check-out as proof of the payment transaction.

Is it sufficient to use the credit card or EC card only, when leaving the car park?
No, it isn‘t! The system requires your credit card or EC card both when pulling into the car park and when leaving it, in order to properly process the parking transaction.

Will I get a refund, when leaving the car park earlier than booked?
In the case of car park reservations with the payment mode „Zahlung bei Ausfahrt“ (= payment when leav-ing), your parking fees are based on the actual time of your arrival at, and departure from, the car park and will be charged to your credit card or EC card at your check-out.
In the case of pre-paid car park reservations („Vor-kasse“), you pay the price indicated for the parking period at the time of reserving the car park – even if you leave earlier. A refund is not possible.

Parking - Disabled passengers

For our disabled passengers, we recommend underground car park P1, which is located right underneath the terminal, as well as multi-storey car parks P2 and P3. 

If you have any further questions regarding parking for disabled passengers, simply contact us on: +49 (0)211-421-25 500 or go to our parking websites.

Other questions

Are there airport sightseeing tours?
The airport offers groups of visitors a 2-hour sightsee-ing tour across the apron, which allows an exciting insight into ongoing flight operations. Do you wish to register?

Is smoking allowed at the airport?
Düsseldorf Airport is a non-smoking airport. There are smoker lounges inside the security area of the departure gates. In the public area, please smoke at the designated areas at the entrance and exit areas outside the terminal.

Where is the tax refund counter for the sales tax (VAT)?
The tax refund/global refund counter is located between Area B and C of the terminal at departure level. Here you will find more information.

Phone number: +49 (0)211 421-7511

Opening hours: 6:00 AM - 8:00 PM daily