Help on barrier-free access

The Website of Düsseldorf Airport has been designed in accordance with the criteria of barrier-free access (Web Accessibility). Navigation and structure of the Websites are laid out in accordance with a uniform navigation and usability strategy.

If you discover errors or wish to criticize the way of the barrier-free presentation, please inform us by using this feedback form:

  • Content and layout are completely separated from each other.
  • The contents’ accessibility (Web Accessibil-ity) is also possible without style sheets or with screen readers.
  • Colors and contrasts have been optimized.
  • Use of current W3C technologies with vali-dated code. 


Form elements contain so-called labels that afford the comfortable use of the keypad.

Depending on the browser and the operating system, key combinations for operating the form elements may be differently configured, so that we do not at-tempt to provide a documentation thereof in this place.

Search tips

The search engine will support you in your efforts to find contents and flights. Enter a word or a text pas-sage into the search field and the search engine will respond with a list of possible results. Do not be sur-prised if the list of the search proposals is extremely long; the most important results are found at the be-ginning of the hit list.

Browser recommendation

Outdated browsers may present this Website in anoth-er way as updated versions. To enable you in the future to surve safely and comfortably in the Internet, we recommend the current version of the Mozilla Firefox browser to you. You can download Mozilla Firefox for most operating systems free of charge from the Internet. Current browsers offer you the benefit of the greatest possible security and a stand-ard-compliant presentation of most Websites.

Web Standards

All Websites of Düsseldorf Airport have been designed to the best of our knowledge and in line with the specifications of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG2), level AA. They are designed with a meaningfully structured and semantic markup, and especially the text presentation as well as the contents are semantically structured. HTML can never cover all options, so that the meaning of elements leaves room for different and deviating interpretations. Readers and listeners can navigate with assistive programs via the headline elements h1 - h5 between the logical sections.